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Reemployment Connections

Maher & Maher recently completed an online “virtual institute” for the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration that brought six states together with workforce leaders from Washington, DC and across the country to consider innovative approaches to reemployment services for the Nation’s unemployed.

The virtual Reemployment Connections Institute helped cross-functional state teams move through a comprehensive planning process over an intensive, six-week timeline. The teams were brought together in an online forum – using virtual meetings and learning sessions within a web presence, with guided facilitation to drive the process and ensure the teams successfully achieved their goals.

State teams learned from subject matter experts at both the state and local levels who have been early adopters of new technologies to improve the connection of unemployment insurance recipients (and really all job seekers) with reemployment services. These experienced staff from “pilot states” shared lessons learned and specific strategies to help inform and advise the “implementer state teams” that were committed to the improved use of technology in service delivery.

Reemployment Connections is Maher & Maher’s second large-scale virtual institute in the last three years. We expect to do a great deal more of this type of work and are investing in research to identify the best technologies and approaches in helping foster learning and collaboration using online and blended approaches to technical assistance.