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Sales Model Application Field-Based Learning

Pulling sales people out of their job and away from their customers can be an expensive decision for organizations.  However, having ineffective sales people is also costly.  Field-based learning that comes to the sales person during their work day is an effective approach to ensuring knowledge is refined and skills are sharp, while minimizing the time away from their customers.

Maher & Maher has designed lunch and learn applied-learning sessions perfect for field-based employees—sales, service, and others that spend the majority of their time out of a traditional office calling on customers.

Our design reinforces key knowledge and skills in an applied learning format: “learning while doing.”  Implemented in as little as 60 to 90 minutes, the sessions do not distract too much from the day-to-day business of the learner or the manager and utilize “on the job” data, so the session is truly a working session.

A design for as few as one and up to fifteen participants offers flexible utilization as an individual coaching tool or structured team-based development session.  In addition, the design offers the ability to break the session into smaller independent learning support/coaching sessions of fifteen to twenty minutes so a coach or mentor could conduct a focused learning experience just-in-time in the field when a need arises.

Materials include detailed guidance for planning, communicating, and leading the session, which can be facilitated by a manager, mentor, field-based trainer, or a coach.

Maher has designed field-based learning targeted at effective application of sales-models during calls, as well as strategic use of marketing and sales support tools.