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Our Projects

Salt Lake Community College Strategic Planning Retreat

The leadership at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) was looking for a new way to develop their five-year plan – one that might better position the College for a broader role as a community leader.

Our Community-Centered Strategic Planning Process ™  fit perfectly, in their view, as a way to drive a strategic planning initiative that did more than just produce a set of written goals. As importantly as the plan itself, SLCC leaders were looking for a process to build broader engagement and partnerships across their broader community and regional economy.

Our process was directed at achieving the following SLCC objectives:

Review and validate 5 areas of strategic focus for SLCC

  • Gain insight and feedback from a variety of key community leaders
  • Use community leader insights and recommendations to drive SLCC’s planning activities and priorities
  • Enhance the college’s standing as a community leader
  • Build a broader network and depth of community partnerships

We have now completed similar projects in community colleges across the U.S. and have recently modified our original planning process to align to national policy initiatives and calls for innovation (such as those articulated in “Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nation’s Future” from the American Association of Community Colleges).

The Community-Centered Strategic Planning Process is fast becoming known for its ability to drive transformation and engagement in college planning process, and more – to establish forward-thinking community colleges at the center of community leadership in preparing not just students, but entire communities, for a more prosperous future.