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Sector Strategies Technical Assistance

While a focus on sector-based service delivery strategies is certainly not new, there is an enhanced focus on "sector strategies" in many state and local workforce systems - and now one that is being championed by USDOL's Employment and Training Administration (ETA). Under the leadership of Secretary Perez, the ETA has made it clear that federal policy will embrace the accelerated adoption of sector strategies through the Nation's workforce development system, and our recent award of a multi-year technical assistance contract is more evidence of this Administration's commitment to the practice.

Having worked with clients on sector strategy approaches for over ten years, DOL/ETA recognized the key practitioner-level experience Maher can offer - well supported and expanded with an impressive group of national partners we engaged in our proposal.

Together with our partners - Jobs for the Future, the National Governor's Association, and the National Network of Sector Partners - we will be helping ETA develop a common framework for sector strategies deployments (exemplified by the illustration here we developed for the Commonwealth of Kentucky's sector deployment). This national framework will capture the best of ETA's thinking, that of our subject matter consultants, and tools available from many of the practitioners and thought leader organizations that are part of our Team. The framework will allow us to develop a regional assessment to help all levels of sector operators "self-assess" their current strategies and define areas of high potential for their continuing efforts. Additionally, we will be supporting a number of tasks to help accelerate the spread of sector-based service delivery across the nation, including:

  • Developing a National Peer Learning Network
  • Facilitated Virtual Meetings and Institutes and onsite technical assistance
  • Manage an online Sector Strategies web portal
  • Identify, document, and share exemplary methods and promising practices

"This was a win that was directly attributed to the work we've done with state and local leaders around sectors over the last decade, and to the quality of the partnerships we were able to bring together for ETA," said Richard D. Maher, President and CEO. "We intend to bring perspective to the effort for ETA as we work to diligently package and share their leadership's vision for sector development through to more leaders across the Nation. We are thrilled to again have been selected to partner with the Agency and look forward to helping them make a difference for America's workers and businesses alike."