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Short-Time Compensation

The Office of Unemployment Insurance at the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration turned to Maher & Maher to develop the Short-Time Compensation program website to inform stakeholders of the many benefits of Short-Time Compensation (STC) and to provide a robust array of tools and resources to streamline state adoption of the STC program and enhance existing state STC initiatives. The Maher team led the project and worked to develop a comprehensive set of templates and tools for states to easily adopt and customize as their own.

The STC program, known in some states as Work Share or Shared-Work, saves jobs by allowing employers facing a temporary decline in business to reduce workers’ hours while maintaining their skilled, trained workforce. Employees’ jobs – and benefits – are preserved under STC, and workers receive a percentage of the unemployment benefits they would have received if totally unemployed, thereby helping workers. Participation by states is voluntary.