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Social Network Mapping for Connecting Young Nebraskans (CYN)

Connecting Young Nebraskans (CYN) is a statewide network designed to connect, empower, and retain young Nebraskans. CYN strives to enhance opportunities for individuals to impact their communities through networking and learning experiences.

CYN engaged Maher & Maher to more effectively leverage and optimize its network by mapping the network to identify areas of strength, weakness, and opportunity.

The Maher & Maher approach to the CYN Network Mapping process included the following components:

  • Design and implementation of a social network questionnaire in consultation with the CYN team;
  • Data collection and analysis;
  • Generation of visual social network maps and related network relationship metrics;
  • A report that describes the findings of the data analysis, interpretation of the results, implications for CYN; and recommendations for growing and enhancing the CYN Network.
  • A recorded presentation that will be used in multiple settings with diverse audiences.