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Our Projects

South Carolina One-Stop Certification Project

Following an ETA-sponsored project that resulted in the publication “Survey Report of State One Stop Certification Systems,” Maher & Maher designed the year-long, iterative, multi-level, cross-agency process for developing the standards and implementation plan/system infrastructure. The process was designed to build support within the system for the standards throughout the development process.

Over a 12-month period, the Maher & Maher team first visited 12 One Stop Centers to explain the process and gain input from the broad workforce development system. We then facilitated 16 meetings: Eleven full-day meetings of the project Core Team to develop the standards and implementation process; three meetings with the project Steering Team (consisting of executives of all workforce-related agencies in the state) to review, revise and approve the Core Team’s output; and two briefings of the full State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB), one at project mid-point and another upon completion.

The SWIB approved all work emanating from the project Core and Steering Teams, and the state is currently implementing the system. The teams also recommended several statewide actions that would enable establishment and achievement of the highest possible quality standards. The customer-centered facilitation process resulted in the following deliverables:

  • Baseline and continuous improvement standards for Employer Services
  • Baseline and continuous improvement standards for Job Seeker Services
  • Baseline and continuous improvement standards for One Stop Management
  • Extensive implementation recommendations, including:
    • Definition of a certified One Stop Career Center
    • Duration of certification
    • Types of One Stop Career Center certifications
    • Certification levels
    • Certification phase-in timeframe
    • Certification submission and review process
    • Certification incentives and rewards
    • Technical assistance plan to assist One Stops in meeting standards
  • Extensive One Stop self-assessment tool for helping centers determine their readiness for certification
  • “Statewide Issues” papers for Job Seeker Services, Employer Services, and One Stop Management