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Strategic Selling Application Training

Most sales organizations utilize some type of application to help manage and analyze data that is valued by their customers. Cost and volume discount calculators and customer relationship management (CRM) software are just some examples of applications that are essential to the effective management and analysis of customer information. Accurate data entry leads to effective interpretation and reporting, which, in turn, results in key insights that can be extracted and built into value-based sales messaging. In our highly competitive economy, data-driven dialogue can go a long way toward forging long-term, productive relationships with customers.

Maher understands the selling process and has developed training on various strategic selling applications for a mix of clientele across the Communications, Financial Services, and Life Sciences industries. Leveraging our sales know-how and our Instructional Design expertise, we demonstrate application functionality while defining the value of application outputs, and the process for interpreting and applying this data effectively in the sales cycle.

Maher has created strategic selling application training for both web and mobile device delivery. You can learn more about our expertise in web and mobile delivery, performance support tools, and workflow applications by selecting a topic under Similar Experience.