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FutureGame Corporate Edition


At all levels, organizations are undergoing major changes that are more complex than we have ever witnessed. To compete and win in this “new normal,” companies must be more agile, decisive, and adaptable then they may realize. Stepping outside of the status quo and exploring “Future Thinking” is the first step toward shifting mindsets.

Since 2006, Maher & Maher has teamed up with David Beurle of FutureiQ Partners to deliver “The Future Game” to American and international civic leaders. The Future Game is a premium quality, experiential learning simulation set in the Australian Outback. It guides participants through a series of critical decisions that will impact the future in very specific, measureable ways. By participating in the Future Game, teams produce one of four possible futures that reward collaboration and innovation, and highlight the dangers of “status quo” thinking. In this lively, two-hour experience, participants relate their Outback experience to business challenges they face every day at work. The game will leave participants ready to apply the agile mindset needed to successfully navigate the Outback to issues in their own environment.

In the fall of 2009, Maher & Maher and FutureiQ sponsored two focus groups in partnership with corporate training firm R.C. Taylor & Associates of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. We wanted corporate leaders to experience The Future Game and evaluate its potential application in a corporate setting. One group was made up of adult learners in an MBA program and the second was comprised of business leaders and OD consultants. Both were led by faculty facilitators from Penn State University.  

In 2012, Maher launched the The Adaptive Human Capital Network™ a collaboration of thought leaders providing agile and future solutions to the challenges of today’s complex and changing time. The network’s flagship product--The Future Game Corporate Edition - was born from the rich success the game experienced in the public sector, adjustments to reflect a corporate environment, and an upgrade to the overall game components and packaging. 

"We have always seen this simulation as something special," says Richard D. Maher, President. "The value of expanded collaboration and conscientiously aligning around a common vision are, we think, useful for public sector boards, corporate leaders and even upwardly mobile managers in today’s organizations. They are principles that have wide application in many environments.” 

Future Game NYC Interviews - Change Your Future from Maher & Maher on Vimeo.

Whether your focus is on strategic planning, improved agility, leadership development, team-building or collaboration and innovation, The Future Game Corporate Edition will blend perfectly with your current offerings serving as a catalyst to enhance your already successful practice and your bottom line.