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Total Cost of Ownership Sales Training eModule

One of the largest entertainment and broadband services providers in the country called on Maher to assist with the development of web-based training for their business services sales force responsible for selling IP Centrex.  The advanced cloud-based hosted VoIP telephone system delivers business-grade voice service over a private network and offers quality and cost saving advantages to its customer base.  Our client wanted to ensure its sales force could effectively present a value-driven business case as part of the sales process for its targeted IP Centrex customer base.

The course Maher designed focused in on a total cost of ownership model that when effectively implemented allowed the sales team to:

  • Gather critical customer data and enter it into the calculator,
  • Produce and analyze cost-benefit reports,
  • Develop a business proposal using the cost-benefit reports, and
  • Present an effective and value-based business case to a customer.

Demos were created to enable the sales team to successfully navigate within the online tool, gather critical customer data for entry into the tool, produce cost analysis report, and analyze the reports to build business cases to best position their service over competitive offerings. 

Customer scenarios and case studies were used to explore application of the report data during the sales call to communicate business value and distinguish the competitive advantages the service provides.  Job aids, self-checks and a final assessment were also built into the web-based training.  In addition, take-away coaching activities were provided to support skill transfer post training.