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Transforming Manufacturing Economies for Global Competition: A Resource Guide

Nowadays, the importance of our resurgent manufacturing industry is a given, but people sometimes forget that convincing the nation and the workforce system on the manufacturing  industry’s potential to employ increasing numbers of workers at family sustaining wages was not an easy sell. As a result, back in 2007, the Department of Labor joined with the Departments of Commerce and Education, as well as other organizations, to form the Interagency Working Group on Manufacturing Competitiveness, a sub-group  of the White House’s Workforce Education and Development Task Force.

That group engaged Maher &Maher to write an extensive eight-page brochure entitled "Transforming Manufacturing Economies for Global Competition: A Resource Guide" (see below for download). After describing  the Global Context, we went on to discuss Innovation Strategies for Manufacturers in Transition; Pathways to Regional Transformation; a new six-step Regional Transformation Process; and Creating Pathways to Successful Careers.

The text served primarily to “tee up” the extensive listing of resources, web-based and otherwise, to help communities focus on expanding the manufacturing industry and careers within the industry.


Manufacturing_Brochure_2007-06-29 5 MB