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Our Projects

Virtual Strategic Planning

Maher & Maher has helped organizations in the private and public sectors achieve their goals through remote collaboration and teamwork that result in a strategic plan. Many organizations are dispersed with integral team stakeholders scattered around the country or globe. This can make coming together to share ideas and best practices challenging.  While the technology to collaborate remotely certainly exists, the ability to manage and facilitate a productive planning session using these technologies takes expertise in managing and facilitating virtual events.

Maher & Maher has conducted virtual planning sessions focused on business planning; sales strategies; and modifications in strategy due to economic, market, public policy, or organizational influences. We accomplish this through a mix of technical platforms such as webinars, conference calls, video conferencing, collaborative workspaces, and discussion forums.  This, coupled with well-structured offline activities, can result in an efficient and productive planning process.

From managing an overall logistical calendar with planning sessions,   assignments, and deadlines to facilitating virtual meetings, coordinating offline initiatives ( i.e. data aggregation, analysis, reporting, and management) and the distribution of best practices, Maher can walk our clients through the virtual planning experience to achieve the strategic targets essential to their organization’s success.