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Workflow Management Applications

Workflow Management Applications expedite performance by clearly defining roles, responsibilities, tasks, and resources to support a specific work process.  They are beneficial for complex workflows where an error in performance results in significant cost, diminished product quality, timeline extensions, or service impairment.

Workflow Management Applications help to improve quality outcomes and are commonly built directly into systems utilized to perform or manage a process or series of tasks such as billing, production cycles, or service call management.  These applications are valuable when an organization relies on a widely diversified and potentially dispersed audience to come together to complete a given task or service.

At Maher & Maher, we have created workflow applications for human resources, business management, program management, and sales systems utilizing a variety of platforms. From basic mind-mapping tools to database-driven process sequencing delivered via Flash® and enterprise system workflows in Microsoft SharePoint®, we can recommend and provide the most appropriate workflow management application for the needs of your organization.