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Maher & Maher applauds the successful April launch of the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration’s (ETA) new online technical assistance platform, WorkforceGPS!

WorkforceGPS brings a fresh new entry point to policy guidance and technical assistance (TA) for the public workforce system that fosters peer sharing and learning, provides information and resources, and builds upon TA provided through ETA's national and regional offices. This vibrant new website was designed to create interactive communications with workforce and education leaders and practitioners across the country, and build staff and system capacity in developing and implementing innovative approaches to workforce and economic development in the 21st Century.

On WorkforceGPS you will find:

  • A committed community of leaders, practitioners, experts and stakeholders;
  • Resources and information, online learning opportunities, and space to connect and collaborate with your peers on topics that interest you;
  • A robust tool as you search, save, share, and explore the information you need to be successful in your work!

Meet WorkforceGPS from WorkforceGPS on Vimeo.

WorkforceGPS is now the hub for all Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) related content, and the portal to the new Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION) Community of Practice (CoP) - a dynamic and growing workforce community in support of WIOA implementation.

Maher is proud to have been a part of the foundation and history behind WorkforceGPS! Since 2004, when Maher first launched Workforce3One, the predecessor of WorkforceGPS, we have worked hard to bring the latest and most effective technology solutions in providing TA by introducing a myriad of virtual innovations and firsts for ETA: the first webinar, the first e-learning course, the first Quick Start Action Planner (QSAP), the first online Community of Practice (CoP), the first online chats with national leaders, the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), and more.

Workforce3One quickly evolved to become ETA’s foremost communication and TA vehicle to promote peer-to-peer learning, disseminate promising practices, and access TA through a wide range of virtual learning events. After pioneering the first CoP on Workforce3One, the site eventually grew to house over 25 unique communities dedicated to specific workforce programs, target populations, and grant and policy initiatives. The success and breadth of the site created an ever growing need for innovative content dissemination and curation practices, which in turn cultivated a flourishing portfolio of virtual events and resources. Workforce3One grew to include over 140,000 registrants and housed the largest, most diverse, and best-catalogued resource repository in the workforce development field.

Now, after over 12 years of supporting Workforce3One, we are excited to be a part of the ongoing evolution of ETA’s online outreach and communication. During the build of WorkforceGPS, Maher leveraged our extensive understanding of ETA’s goals and programs, and workforce system customers to translate critical user needs into new site designs and features. In addition to continuing the virtual event management and content curation of the site, we also conducted extensive and multiple rounds of user acceptance testing, wrote scripts for the migration of content and meta-data to the new site, and provided updated code for various pages.

Because we have a deep understanding of the workforce system and are actively engaged in providing TA at every level, Maher continues to be an instrumental partner to ETA in providing leaders and practitioners with the content and TA they need to innovate and transform the workforce system.