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Virtual Communities & Events

Maher & Maher creates revolutionary peer-to-peer online communities designed to bring people together to share ideas, learn, and develop valued professional networks, while retaining valuable knowledge that could otherwise walk out the door with an employee. 

More than 8 years ago, Maher & Maher built Workforce3One, a national virtual community created in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor's Education and Training Administration (ETA).  It is the largest, most diverse, and best-catalogued knowledge-building platform in the workforce development field. 

Today, Maher & Maher continues to manage and enhance this community, now boasting over 100,000 members.  The website also serves as the platform for over 30 targeted Communities of Practice (CoPs), such as Green Jobs and Registered Apprenticeship, whose members interact to gain and share interest- or profession-specific knowledge and resources.

Maher & Maher also connects people through Virtual Events, which are typically time-specific online engagements targeted at a precise organizational function or shared workplace challenge.   

Overall, our Virtual Communities and Events leverage Web 2.0 / 3.0 technology—webinars, virtual classes, video conferencing, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, collaboration platforms, and other informal learning tools. From explaining workplace trends, to visioning, to process improvement and strategic planning, Maher & Maher applies our technical expertise to bring a widely dispersed audience together to accomplish a common goal.

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